Day one reflection Charlene

  From the first plenary session, I learnt what is a mega thrust and how do we know about tsunamis that have happened a long time ago. Every earthquake has a cycle that happens. In the Sumatra, the subduction at the biggest Volcano in the world (Toba or something?) can release a huge energy burst that may cause a tsunami.
  To predict this, one way is to look at the corals that have died. Corals cannot grow beyond the low tide, and when there is an earthquake due to the mega thrust breaking, the entire island rise higher from the sea. This is because when there is a subduction, the plate that is above the other play is still pulled down to a point. Because of being pulled down, the tide gets higher on an island on that plate. Then when the mega thrust breaks, there is an uplift. The uplift causes the coral to rise beyond the water, so the coral can either die or grow below the tide. When it grows below the tide, we can use the annual veins (viewed by giving a thin slice of the coral a x-ray) to find out when this had happened. We also can use bat dropping. By using carbon dating in the carbon from the preserved bat droppings, we can find out when the tsunami came into a cave and when there was no tsunami. Also by looking at the residue left by the tsunami, we can tell how big was the wave and tell how many times it had happened. Another way to find out is by looking at the soil layers. The soil layers may contain residue left by the huge waves and they can be seen later. This is good for finding out if something happened or not.
  From the second plenary session I learnt about how maths is needed in IT animation. To make a good 3D animation, you need more then just a skilled artist. Also 3D animation is hard to make because of the emotions on the character faces. There are three types of lighting, Ambient light, Directional light and Spectral light. I also found out how they use actors to help solve the facial emotion problems. They use real actors and movement and then add the animation onto it. This of course has been used for many years but for the movie Avatar, they literally use all sorts of sensors on the actors!
  Finally from the last plenary session I found out how there is something similar to spiderweb made through nano technology. All the artificial gems, bullet proof cars, even medical things have nano technology in it! Atoms are seen through this big tube, which shoots a electron down and records when it bounces back. When it bounces back, a picture can be formed and there we have it! The picture of atoms formation! Also I learnt that because the smaller the mass, the more surface area, atoms can produce a lot of heat. Its just like why higher up it is cooler. That is because in higher altitude there is less friction produce when the two atoms rub together, and lower it is vice versa. This minute atoms can cause such a create so much heat!
  My questions for today is
  1. Why is incubation needed for this experiment? (This has been answered already)
  2. Is there a technology for cancer cells be seek out by a Y cell to alert the white blood cells? If there isn’t is there a certain protein that can be found inside the cancer cell that is different from healthy cell?
  3. Is it possible to use water as a bullet proof coating?

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