Charlene Day 3 Reflection

I now understand how hard it is to create a 3D model of cells! I also learnt how wide the world of cells is and how this simple cells can cause us to jump up and down. Through this, I understood the value of patience (the waiting time for the cells to incubate is really long!!!!)
  Patience is important that is for sure, and I think I lack of that. Well I learnt more about how antibodies can be used to track things and it maybe used for biology class later.
  Well I would still like to know is there an antibody that not only tracks, but destroy the thing it binds with? Also how is antibody created in our body? I understand it is chemical but is there any other things?
  I want to due with living things when I grow up, but I think I like sociology more for the time being. Despite that I believe if I have a chance, I would take life science instead, this is a really interesting topic!

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